Planning for A Hens Party


Weddings are a happy thing and everybody involved is doing their best to make the day a memorable one. Even those who will normally not help out are now offering their services to help ensure that the wedding goes on hitch free. Now that your best girl is getting married soon you are thinking of the best way to send her off to marriage. A lot of thoughts are running through your head about what you can possibly do.

Theres no need to think further when you can organize a hens night with lot of fun for all the girls that will be attending. In as much as a hen night is meant for the girls to catch fun, it has to be properly planned. If you rush it, you may not be able to give your bride to be and the other girls a night to remember. Use the following tips to plan the best hens night ever.

Start early

Even when you think there is still enough time to the wedding, it is better to start planning early. A hens night is not for any kind of friends of the bride. It is for very close friends who have a history with the bride. These friends may not be very many but you still need to have them there. That is why you have to sample the opinion of the other friends if they will be willing to attend the party.

Decide on a venue

Once you have gotten positive responses from the different friends it is now time to decide on a date and venue. First of all choose a date that is closer to the wedding. As such you can be sure most of the friends will make time to attend. Also choose the venue of the party. It may e in the brides family hotel, at one of the friends house or at a hotel. You can also hire a topless waiter to amp up the fun.

Prepare on activities of the day

It is a party but it really needs to be a fun one if you are to attain your objective. You will have to prepare a list of game hens night ideas in Gold Coast that could be used for the day. Although you may not have to use all the game ideas, the fact that the ideas are there is comforting enough. You can draw from any of the ideas you have.

The activities you choose should be interesting enough to get everyone actively involved. Note that depending the day on which the party is held, you may not want the bride to be to take a lot of alcohol and sleep until past dawn. If the party is held on the day before the wedding alcohol should be reduced to a bare minimum.